About this project

With the popularity of Genshin Impact, the fandom moves at such an incredible pace that it’s difficult to keep track of everything it has to offer. The end goal of this site is to organize all the zines, fan events, and artist shops that I come across in one central database, so fans can easily browse and find projects and merchandise that align with their own interests. This site endeavors to be a safe and positive environment for people to share their fan projects and merchandise with the rest of the community.

This is an ad-free database that is hosted on my personal domain. Most of the zines (waiting for a response from a few more) and all of the artists have been personally contacted for explicit permission to list them on this website. Please visit the FAQ if you’d like a better understanding of how this site is organized and how to best search for projects.

Joining the database

Please DM the Twitter account @genshin_fanhub or email genshin.fanhub@gmail.com with your zine, fan event, or artist store if you would like to be added to this site. I may also approach you if I find you first!

This site will only add upcoming projects that have a concrete interest check date.

All content will be equally represented. NSFW projects are allowed and will be explicitly marked as such. However, if the social media handle of a listing actively promotes hate, discrimination, explicit content with minors, and/or other problematic content, it will be removed.


The artist community continues to deal with unauthorized reproduction of their artwork. Not only is this disrespectful, it is demoralizing to find your work being sold for a profit by someone else.

This site will ONLY list artist shops if the mod is able to determine through their social media account(s) that they are the original artist.

Please support your favorite artists by only purchasing fan merchandise sold from an artist’s personal shop. Artists take great pride and responsiblility in their work to ensure that their fans receive the best quality merchandise.

Twitter Promo

The Twitter @genshin_fanhub account will generally retweet the following:

- Zines: interest checks, mod & contributor applications, collective contributor lists, preorders & leftover sales, contests & giveaways, other important updates
- Fan Events: interest checks, mod & contributor signups, prompt lists
- Other: artist stores & giveaways, conventions

Feel free to tag or DM the account if you’d like a boost!

About the mod

The mod (30+) has played Genshin Impact since launch. She has pre-ordered way too many Genshin zines and is on a personal mission to collect as many pieces of fan-made merchandise of Xiao as she can possibly get her hands on.

The motivation behind this website is due to several of my artist friends having a hard time due to the cancellation of conventions because of the pandemic. I hope this website not only helps them make a few extra sales, but all the artists around the world who are trying to get by doing what they love.


This site (and related Twitter account) is a space to collate and share information, not an endorsement. I cannot vouch for or verify the legitimacy of each listing. Please do your own research before participating in any projects, whether it be contributing your art, writing, money, or time.

This site (and related Twitter account) promotes projects that are both SFW and NSFW, but this site (and related Twitter account) is strictly SFW. If you are under the age of 18 and/or do not consent to view potentially adult content, please review project accounts / sites / tags carefully as they will explicitly state if they are NSFW / R18.

I reserve the right to add and remove any listing at my discretion.

All content and media related to “Genshin Impact” are intellectual property of miHoYo Co Ltd. This site is not affiliated in any way.