How do I use this site?

If you’re looking for zines or events relating a specific character, enter their name in the search bar. For example, entering “Venti” will bring up all zines and events specifically relating to our favorite bard. However, it will not display any zines or events that are general and include all characters.

If you’re looking for everything that’s happening at the present, set the Date* filter option to “Current”.

Please note that artists shops won’t show up in the above results because this site doesn’t keep that kind of information for shops.

Otherwise, please filter using the following dropdown options:

- Category: Artist Shop, Event (Bang/Exchange, Convention, Fanweek), Zine (Character, Ship, Theme)
- Status: Interest Check, Mod Apps, Contributor Apps, Creation, Preorder, Production, Leftovers, Completed
- Rating: SFW or NSFW (18+)
- Type: Physical or Digital
- Compensation: Profit or Charity (for zines only)
- Merch: Various merchandise categories (for artist shops only)

What timezone are the dates in?

The dates are in whatever timezone the original project is in. Therefore, please carefully check the deadlines of the projects that you’re interested in and convert them into your own timezone. This DB does not convert dates into any singular timezone, please give yourself ample time for any submission or purchase.

Why isn’t my zine/event/shop included?

I try to keep an active eye on Twitter but this database will always be a continous WIP due to the size and pace of the fandom. Please help me out by tagging or DMing @genshin_fanhub and I’d love to include anything I’m missing!

How often is this site updated?

This site is generally updated every 2-3 days. The DB stat counter is updated at the beginning of every month. The Twitter account @genshin_fanhub retweets news about fan-related events and merch several times a day.

Can you add fan events in languages other than English?

Of course! Even though a large majority of the events on this site will be in English, I would like to add as many international events as possible. The mod is fluent in English and conversational Japanese, and can somewhat understand Chinese and French. If the communication falls out of this realm, the mod will enlist translation help from friends.

Can you include the link to the zine/artist’s store instead of their social media account?

After much deliberation, I have decided to only include links to social media accounts in this database to give zines and artists the most flexibility for connecting with their fans. Please browse their social media account for the link to their shop. I hope this encourages fans to follow their favorite zines and artists, not only for the most up-to-date information regarding their projects, but to better understand and support their work.

Does this site contain ads?

No, this database is hosted on an ad-free, personal domain as it is a hobby project and will always be ad-free.