About Zines

What is a zine?

What do the different status mean?

The general life cycle of a zine is as follows:
Interest check: To determine what the public would like to see in a zine and establish direction. Common questions include

  • physical or digital zine
  • proceeds for profit or charity
  • SFW or NSFW
  • canon-compliant or AU allowed
  • shipping allowed or not
  • what merchandise to produce, if any

Mod apps: To recruit additional mods to help the head mod with organization of the zine. Some zines may already have an established mod team with most or all of the positions and will skip this step. Common positions include art, merch, writing, graphics/layout, social media, finance, shipping, and intern mods.

Can I buy a zine after preorders are over?

Most zines will generally have a limited number of leftover copies available for sale after they’ve fulfilled preorders.

Will a zine ever do a second reprint?

Generally, this is extremely rare. There would need to be sufficient buying interest for a reprint to be finanicially viable.

How do I know if a zine will succeed?

Fan Events

What is a fanweek?

What is a big/mini bang?

What is an exchange?

What is